"I am personally involved with and manage campaigns to ensure the expected results."
"I am personally involved with
and manage campaigns
to ensure the expected results."
Cristina Monaro
Results through:

- Relevant target markets are effectively penetrated for optimal brand exposure to potential buyers and sponsors.

- Gaining legitimate followers.

- Ongoing dialog with existing and prospective followers.

We are a small boutique company that specializes in exploiting social media marketing for vertical markets in which we have expertise.

A project begins by thoroughly understanding the client’s goal then carefully researching the respective targetmarket.

Next step is to create an effective social media marketing strategy specifically dedicated to penetrating relevant markets to optimize brand exposure to potential buyers, acquire legitimate followers and sponsors.

This is achieved by interacting with prospective and existing followers, posting media and composing applicable captions when necessary.
Optimize Brand Exposure Through Social Media

• Define and target vertical markets that represent potential customers for the goods or services being promoted.

• Tag existing and potential customers with interesting images and captions that are relevant to them.

• Engage with existing and potential customers in relevant vertical markets.
Optimize Social Media Marketing

• Marketing efforts only target vertical markets relevant to the product or services being promoted.

• Follow people/entities that are relevant to the target market, tag your brand, and maintain your site.

What people are saying...

Bret W. BK Racing
"Cristina covers all of the bases: Posts exciting pictures with great captions; engages with existing and potential followers/sponsors, and equally as important, keeps me current on developments."

Sue S. Newport Beach, CA
"If your goal is to do more with Instagram than just posting some pictures for your friends and family, you NEED to contact Cristina."

Greg T. NCR, Inc.
"Cristina has social media pegged. She has helped us generate more leads than anyone."

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